Inès Yessad
Product Designer


The company is expanding to serve the entire state of Florida, bringing a unique model that empowers branch leaders and agents with Avanti Way’s technology platform.


This project aims to improve the current website where buyers and sellers can get a glimpse of what Avanti offers in addition to having their portal to manage their property searches.


Role: UX/UI Designer, Product Designer

Timeline: 2 weeks

Platform: Desktop

Team: In pairs with Muge


Project plan

Design thinking methodology

User Interviews

Affinity Mapping

User persona Creation

Empathy map

Problem and hypothesis statements

Visual competitive analysis

Sketching & Wireframing

Usability Testing




A new website focused on the customer.

The goal was to improve guidance for consumers to understand the buying/selling process and to upgrade the experience of searching and visiting properties.

Website Analysis
UX Research & UI Redesign, AVANTI WAY

Current Site Map & Branding

To understand the client's needs, we decided to do a website analysis. We created a site map with the current scheme. The goal was to have a clear vision of how the website is structure.

To understand the user experience and what were theirs main pain points, we organized a usability testing.

Following a meeting with Avanti Way stakeholders, we did a current branding analysis. That helped us to work on competitive analysis and market positioning.

UX Research

Competitive Analysis

We can see that Avanti Way focuses on agents and has a strong technology culture. We would like to have the same technology feel but focus more on customers.

UX Research & UI Redesign, AVANTI WAY

Surveys and Interview

We wanted to gather feedback from the existing users, we were provided a focus group. Unfortunately, we did not have any responses from them.

In the meantime, we decided to contact peoples with real estate experience. We set up an online survey and asked them to fill it out.

Based on the results from the survey we did a qualitative interview to have in-depth insights from an agent to understand the customer experience through the eye of someone working closely with clients. And another interview with an Avanti Way customer.

We organized all the data on an affinity diagram, we found that the common issues were lack of transparency and communication during the process.

How Might We create an experience with our website where the customers can feel informed and supported throughout the process of buying a home?
UX Research & UI Redesign, AVANTI WAY

User Personas

Based on the survey and interviews we set up two personas. We referred to them throughout the entire product development process.

We created those personas with the Avanti Way database and based on our deep user research.

UX Research & UI Redesign, AVANTI WAY

User Journey

We mapped out the users’ steps to see how we could simplify their journey to help them reach their most important goals during the process of buying an apartment. We chose to focus on the down feeling the user experiencing to improve their experience.

We created Alison & Steve's Journey Map with the help of the empathy map.

UX Research & UI Redesign, AVANTI WAY

Site Map and User Flow

With the help of our 1st site map, we brainstorm our thought to find an easier way to reach important information and give the user an easy experience. We simplified the site map.

Following the site map, we worked on a user flow. We focused on the customer journey as it was our mission to improve the first contact the consumer has with the company.

UX Research & UI Redesign, AVANTI WAY


At the beginning of our design process, we created wireframes for testing purposes. We worked on two directions to present to our stakeholders.

The first one an easy and straightforward access to the listing. And the 2nd one focus on a personalized user experience with a questionnaire.

After validating the 2nd once we tested it on Maze, we took into consideration the feedback to improve our flow.

UI Design
UX Research & UI Redesign, AVANTI WAY


We created three mood boards with different directions they could choose from. Knowing the company didn't consider changing colors as a priority, we created a color palette with a different shade from the current one. The aim was to have a professional look and an elegant feel.

Design system

We created a new design system while complying with the company guideline. To complement the color palette we chose to use the glass morphism style to represent the tech feel.


The main goal when entering the website is to promote an enjoyable journey with a dashboard and a questionnaire to show how close the agent is to the client.

We also added an article to gain more traffic and make the information available and transparent.

To find the user's dream home, Avanti Way wants to connect with its user with a questionnaire in an approachable way.

On the property page, all necessary information can be found there with easy access to contact the agent.

We also implemented a VR feature, as the real estate is moving fast we suggested to Avanty Way to go along.

The property can be saved to a dashboard. The user can have access to all information needed during the process, able to share documents and make transactions.


  • A deep insight of real estate industry in the US

  • Importance of planning to respect deadlines

  • Consider a plan B to collect data from users

  • Documenting research and results from the beginning to always have something to present at meetings